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Writing a Blog for Money – Writing a Blog for Fun?

Have you asked yourself this question? I have. It is a good question to ask yourself as it will save you time later if you decide to monetize your website.

Many people create a blog only for fun. To share their personal thoughts and lifestyle, to family vacations. This is A-okay with me.

Monetizing your site should always be an option to you. Writing a blog for money. You should keep this possibility in the back of your mind when you create your blog. Deciding on what the purpose of your blog is going to be is very important. Keep Reading

Emotional Triggers List – Tapping into your Reader’s Emotions

Emotions sell. This is a proven web copy strategy.

We make all our buying decisions based on emotion. Logic does come into the equation to justify your decision to buy but emotions are what trigger us to buy.

Tapping into your reader’s emotional triggers is important to remember when writing. By triggering their emotions you can make more sales. Keep Reading

7 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block – It happens to us all.

Getting yourself to sit down and write is hard.

Our minds make us believe that writing is a chore. Once in a while, you will need to force yourself to write. Writing is a task, don’t get me wrong. I find that once you get started it is not bad at all.writing content

Keep yourself motivated and avoid distractions. What your sister posted on Facebook can wait until your take a break. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed as you strolled through the posts of your friends and family.

Sometimes when you sit down to start writing you find that you mind is blank. You don’t seem to be able to begin. This is writer’s block. Keep Reading

Web Content Writing Tips – Bring Visitors to your Website

Are you overwhelmed with writing content for your website?

I have put together some do’s and don’ts of writing content that I use every day. Following these basic tips on writing web content will save you thousands of dollars.

By following these writing tips you can write content that will bring visitors to your website. You must make sure to establish a purpose for writing your content. You must define the reason you are writing the blog or article. A reader will not stay engaged if you do not make it clear what the purpose of your content is for. Keep Reading

Content copywriter

Hire Freelance Copywriter – Your business will Thank You

I have a way with words.

I started my online business as a freelance copywriter and blogger. Every business needs marketing materials and there is a high demand for good writing. Many organizations are looking for someone who can write good ads to employee training manuals.

I enjoy researching the topic, organizing the facts and writing the material. There are several types of marketing materials I am trained to produce. Hire freelance copywriter for your all of your writing.
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About Chuck

Welcome to my website.

My name is Chuck Breckenridge and I am a freelance copywriter and blogger. I love to write. I love to be creative.

Chuck BreckenridgeI started this website for several reasons:

  1. to make an income as a copywriter.
  2. to provide helpful and insightful blogs to others.
  3. to show you how you can become successful at blogging.
  4. to help you be successful at anything you want to do.

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